It Begins


So it started; I looked at my watch to tell the time to my mind. It was past midnight, but to me it was still the day before. Until my head hit my pillow and conscious thought flowed anew, today could not yet be tomorrow. Yet when I moved to settle into bed, what thoughts would invade my head? Would my mind wander and fade into a dream, or would my heart begin to ache at what my semi-conscious state could see?

Thoughts of Her come and go. Who she is matters not; memories long lost cannot change the shape of the years already gone. The future is held by other hands. Blond curly hair, or is it straight and black? The memory of the curl of a smile takes me back. I can see searching eyes, but what ever did they find?

I can twist and turn until I somehow fall asleep, but you haven't made it easy on me.