How taxes make me feel


So, I'm thinking… being taxed is a good thing. It means I made enough money that someone wants to take it from me to put through the wood chipper. Well, maybe I shouldn't go for Fargo imagery. The point is, if I didn't have a job I'd have no cash. So, while it'd be nice not to pay taxes at all, I think I'll take the whole self-sufficient angle instead.

I wonder if anyone has done any studies on how people react to doing their taxes. Does it vary if you're getting a refund vs. having to pay additional sums? Some people seem overjoyed at getting a refund; my immediate reaction is thus: I'll gladly take large amounts of your cash in regular installments over the course of the year and give you the amount back once a year (say, around mid-spring). All you're doing is giving the government an interest free loan. I don't mind paying taxes (too much), but interest free loan machine I am not.

In answer to my own question, here's a sample of what's on my todo list after completing my taxes. I haven't had a refund in a decade, so I have no idea if I'd switch to champagne or something, but it's doubtful.