Too Nice


Something must be said

Nothing was ever spoken

Her smile laughed at me

My heart was somewhat broken

I struggled to reach her

It didn't matter if her body was near

Her mind was somewhere away

I could write down words

For her eyes to read

I could celebrate her form

And expose my feelings that way

But the most I ever got in return

Did not even measure up

to a I-don't-feel-that-way.

She never gave me a cold shoulder

She was too nice for that

She simply refused to rebuke me

And so my hope never died

She can still read what I write

But from her eyes

Her mind does hide

She may believe it's not about her

I'm long tired of that game

There will probably always be

Anger and resentment

Bundled with unbridled wonder

Confusion melded with excitement

And a lost feeling of longing

So the bar car has trundled on

A bitter in my hand

Drink once or twice with me

Just don't ask me for a plan