Off Road


The stars swept across the sky

but I paid them no mind

left foot right foot

my feet were moving in time

Along the walkway

I could see straight ahead

I might peek this way or that

but my stride did not bend

Yet the woods beckoned

dark and foreboding

Dreamlike and dreary

Unseen frogs and insects

screaming in the inky blackness

My steps started to waver

my mind felt weary

of the same steady road

So I wondered

Wander through the trees with me

under the stars this night

Sing a random tune

that makes the world seem right

Take one step or three

Skip to the song we sing

with all our might

Veering off the road

is never so much fun

if you have to do it alone

So run away with me

we'll see how it goes

Worst case

we'll just head back home