A simple console


I am an unfortunate soul

nothing but this glowing stream

of bits and bytes

A simple console

into my waking dream

My fingers occasionally catch fire

and I ride the lightning

but more often than not

they cannot keep pace with my thoughts

What a pain in the wrists

We seek to make sense of it all

so we see patterns in randomness

and humanness in things that couldn't

be further than any such thing

It has no will

It has no desire

There is no innate thought

or drive to go

some place higher

Yet take a trip there.

If you're dumb enough to believe

everything you read

you'll be dumber than you ever otherwise

could possibly have been.

The internet takes niches

and rides the wave to dubious riches.

Countless useless opinions

shady shopping options

Hatred and ignorance galore

And, for some unknown reason

kitten videos by the millions

Of course there is much of great worth

community and art and humor

news and commentary

sports and politics

games of every type

anything you need to get your fix

As the words and images go sailing by

much of it is lost to me

It has no will or real power

but lost in the code of it all

It can take a great amount of willpower

to move away.

I hear the sun came out today.