Really want to fall


I thought I saw her looking at me

but I guess I was just another wave

beneath her endless sea

She could have smiled

She might have waved

but after a while of nothing

I decided to go on my way

The humidity weighs me down

it saps my strength

I can't see how anyone

can continue on

Where is the late storm

crashing thunder

flashing lightning

rain pouring down

wind blasting out the furnace

and bringing in a chilly dawn?

There was a pair of eyes that met mine

the owner let them stay for a brief lifetime

I mentally thanked her

for the lifeline

Now all I need

is some sort of conversation

As summer leaves I dream of winter

but I really want to fall

dreams of gold and red foliage

crisp cool breezes

you can do anything

even if it's absolutely nothing

especially the nothing sort of something

I catch a set of eyes

behind a head of me

watching my every movement

I think she wants to dance

Her movement kick starts my brain

right after putting it into a trance

Something tells me

I should make the most of this chance.