Runner’s High


I'm not running away from anything

I'm not running towards anything, either

I'm not running for anything

I'm just running.

It's not just mind over matter

it's also listening to what your body

has to say

Some days my feet are dragging

others they barely seem to touch the ground

But why?

Pounding the pavement

blisters on the feet

every muscle and tendon

feels the pain

I suppose there's the runner's high

but I'm hard pressed to deny

someone who thinks you have to be high

to put your body through it all

Do you run faster uphill or down?

Do you take in your surroundings

or simply stare down at the ground?

Are you lost in the music

or can you see and hear the world around you?

One way to feel old

is to go for a long run

and wait a little while.

You'll hobble around

prefer baths to showers

and go with soup and some mint tea

Oh, my muscles, joints, and things

are all in glorious agony

If everything hurts

I must have done something right.

I just hope I can wake up tomorrow.