A Moment in Time


A moment in time

a simple sedating rhyme

The rhythm builds up

Another rhyme comes around.

The time soon arrives

For me to stop and think

To stop writing silly lines

and to start reminding myself…

to do the things I should

to remember what they are

to laugh and cry

to run and sigh

to talk it out to the wall

to yell until my voice is heard.

Music echoes through my skull

Remnant thoughts of long ago

float about in the ether of my soul

Pleasant ones, no doubt

no doubt

Angry and spiteful

I let out a shout.

I have to let it out.

The mirror of my soul

is lost to me

I thought I found it once

or three

But, alas, for little old me.

I hear some annoying laughter

so loud it penetrates my thoughts

why do they laugh so

why is it so loud

why can't they be quiet

so my thoughts can come outside?

The TV, it is funny

that you can see

The mighty TV is so damn funny

it's about as funny as can be

Laugh with me

Laugh for me

Laugh at me with me for me

Please just let me be.

A simple guitar lick licks my inner ear

It is a simple one

It's rather catchy I fear

With all haste

will radio waste

That little string of sounds

oh it's so sweet

Play it again

play it again

until my ears bleed guitar strings.

A detour in my thoughts

a vacation for the mind

I like to look at stars

I like to reach and see how far

they are beyond my reach.

They wink at me

I wink at them

Perhaps never to be seen again.

Lovers leap

Drunks drive fast

You never quite know

when it's your time at last.

A quick silent look

That says a million words

Just not the ones

you'd have liked to have heard.

I like you

I like you too

I thought you did

did what

like me too

screw you.

A screeching halt

Eyes on fire

They try to pierce one's soul

They reek of desire

To touch

nay, to hold

no wait, something more.

If only I truly did know.

I do,

but officially I don't.

I know what she has

I think I know what she wants.

The only major problem is

I don't feel

what I should.

I just want to be left alone.

Broken hearts

I've had my share

I guess it's time

for me to

admit I don't care.

But the moment in time

oh it has passed

For in passing it is

what time does best.

(Originally written 1998.12.07)