Light goes out


Light goes out

Darkness settles in

Let the waiting for energy begin

So silent you can actually hear your thoughts

No wonder the ancients prized

books, music, and candles

Let the mind wander

Until sleep begins

Eyes closed

Emptiness settles in

Let the waiting for sleep begin

So silent you're forced to face your thoughts

No wonder we yearn for dreams

love, life, and enchanted things

Let the mind wonder

Until the day begins

Life goes out

The earth settles in

Let the circle of life begin again

So unsuspected you lose your thoughts

No wonder we fear the unknown

hope and life lost for eternity

Let the body lie and wither

Until the world ends

We don't know what tomorrow will bring

we assume life

it could be death

I don't know if I'll see you

ever again

I don't know

when, if ever, we'll speak again

So, here we are

at death's door

for the millionth time

We speak and talk and listen

Ever and ever amen.

I love you

you see me

Life is ever sweeter

when we speak

ever again

Tomorrow is lost in today

Today is forgotten by yesterday

A dream scattered by words

Memories burned by the sun

Forever lost in thought

Never to believe again