Flower Power


I thought about writing about oppressive heat and humidity, but I couldn't get more than a few words in before I was at once depressed and bored of the topic. I'm one of those crazy people that misses winter as soon as the first heat wave hits. I decided to look elsewhere for inspiration.

Recently I've been going through my photo archives for images I could use for posts (either as-is or with some photoshop fun), and realized I have a good number of decent quality photos of flowers. So I ran with that as a topic and then went back to actually figure out which photo to use. I enjoy a good macro shot, so it was a bit tricky finding one I liked that actually encompassed more than a solitary flower or two.


Flower Power

Flowers lined up neatly in a row

forever doing as they’re told

Watching the sun rise

until it falls

Drinking in the late spring rain

the excess falling like tears

down below


Thunder claps

shake the trees above

and skitter the more timid creatures

The flowers stay rooted

and sensing darkness

close themselves to the world