A Running Gallery With No Pictures of Running


A Quick Recap

As my training is more or less over and I'm in the final run up to the big race (relative term; 50k distance, but probably around 50 racers), I wanted to post a gallery of various photos I took along the way. It covers almost 5 months, from early January to now (the end of April). They're primarily taken during long runs (or sketchy weather) when I wanted to have my phone on me.

The Food and Beverages

While I cook virtually all of my meals, I rarely take photos of things I make since they're not particularly impressive. I think this mini-gallery more or less proves my point.

Next up (and also “last but not least”) is basically everything else. It's mostly nature, with a few selfies thrown in for giggles (additional selfies can be found on my initial training post). Obviously given the range, it includes a combination of gray winter, snow, mud, and then some greenery and flowers. Most of my long runs (especially in February and March) were in the 16-20 range, with my longest topping out at 24. My town is fairly small and road running is pretty limited, so there's a fair amount of repeat locations. On the bright side, you can see how the same spot looks through different seasons and weather patterns, if you're into that sort of thing.

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