I’m not sure


I'm not sure what the words mean

they seem all jumbled

and are rumbling while tumbling

through my mind

I feel cold through conditioning

yet warm to the touch

I wonder if I should run around more

I don't seem to get out all that much

I stroll through town

people watching

and sometimes dodging

searching for something to be found

I like to walk along the river

so wide it's actually a bay

a water filled landscape

ever a breeze cooling my head

I climb up the nearby hill

overlooking all but seeing nothing but treetops

After cresting I fall upon the dam

and its pent up water stored for a ceaseless demand

Returning home I turn on the tap

I drink the dam's spillway

a little river that feeds the big one

I must ease my thirst

I'm not sure what my thoughts mean

or where my actions will always lead

I just know I have to follow them

and trust in what will be