You Said


You said there was darkness within you

A rain soaked night

wind howling in delight

Fire tempered

Icy calm

Your core belief

that might makes right

There’s something wrong with you

You said you knew what was wrong with me

Something about a knowing look

and a longing smile

I’m not sure which way to turn

without feeling servile

You make me feel like there’s something wrong with me

You said there was something about us

that moved you toward heavenly delight

but the sound of wailing

evinced something other than pleasure

your movement away from me

spoke of tales I would only hear from others

on some other day

You said it was your fault

that I should leave you alone

There's someone else out there for me

Why can't I see?

I'm not sure what I did wrong

Maybe I just need to listen

to something you might have said