Early Morning Woodpecker Wakeup


Every once in awhile when I'm out on a run, hike, or walk I'll hear a woodpecker wailing away at a tree. The vast majority of the time I'm unable to find the bird, though, as the sounds echo all about and make it hard to pinpoint their location. Sometimes, though, it's downright easy. Like when they're hammering away at the outside wall of your bedroom in the early morning.

It happened once last year and I was just able to get a peek at the redheaded fool by straining against my bedroom window. The other day I couldn't see him, but he wouldn't shut up. I recorded it on my phone (with a picture of the time serving as video; it's about as interesting as looking at my blank wall).

The bird was briefly at it this morning as well, but rather than try anything clever like record him for posterity, I simply thumped the wall a few times and the woodpecker darted into some nearby pines.