Stars Are Not People


It's one of those things I simply seem to have a mismatch with other human beings: I think looking up at the night sky is interesting and compelling. As near as I can tell, this is a fairly small subset of the general population. I can barely name most constellations, typically misidentify stars and planets, and get twisted in my direction even though I generally look at stars from the same vantage point each night. But no one ever said you have to be good at something to enjoy it. So, this is just a simple nod to stargazing… and perhaps a commentary on the fascination with human “stars” by the greater populace.


Stars Are Not People


I look up into the night sky

wonder and amazement

I'm filled with sheer awe

I try to place the names and shapes from memory

often incorrectly

but it's fun working out direction

and playing memory games with nature


I'm tempted to move some place remote

primarily to be able to see more of the universe

I've seen enough of people

they seem to be lost looking at the wrong stars

I'll take a blue super giant

over a movie star or singer

any day of the week

even if both are filled with mostly hot air

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