Running Recap 2020



Initially I was hoping to train for a PR attempt in the half marathon. Then I had a decent cold/flu hit me after a trip to Florida so I lost a week. And more and more news started piling up regarding Covid, so eventually I gave up even attempting the race (in mid-March). For the first couple months of the pandemic I didn't run at all. From the summer on, I barely ran once or twice a week and my monthly mileage was that of a low-mileage week in normal years. When local covid numbers were low in late summer, I started doing some local group runs... but then stopped in late October when the numbers climbed (and surpassed what we had in the early phase of the pandemic).

The time off did seem to help one old injury, but since I started up my right foot has occasionally been an issue so that certainly didn't help my mileage. Doing squats and other exercises seems to help it, so at least something to work on.


I did two virtual races this year, combining for less mileage than a single 5K. Not remotely in race shape.

Race Result Pace Notes
Virtual NYRR BLM 1M 8:19 8:19 Fairly close to zero fitness
Jingle All the Way 3K 14:47 7:54 Not horrible but not great fitness. First mile 7:39 and then the wheels came off.

The Numbers

Year Summary

Oddly enough, not my worst year for mileage! I managed to edge out my first "serious" year running, but well short in every metric compared to the years since.

Year Days Run Miles Daily Mileage Longest Run Elevation Gain (est.) Running Time
2017 180 1,090 6.1 31.1 64.8k ft 7 days, 5 hours
2018 156 750 5.0 18.1 45.5k ft 5 days, 2 hours
2019 190 1,008 5.3 16.3 53.3k ft 6 days, 15 hours
2020 70 311 4.4 10.5 17.4k ft 2 days, 3 hours

And the monthly summary for the past three years:

Long runs

Only managed a few long runs pre-pandemic. I was hoping to be motivated/healthy enough to get back in shape to start doing long runs again in the fall/winter, but that didn't happen.

Year 10+ Miles 15+ Miles 20+ Miles
2017 15 8 4
2018 9 2 0
2019 8 2 0
2020 3 0 0


Given the lack of mileage, not much going on with new shoe purchases; literally unboxed old purchases for no good reason so now I have lots of low mileage pairs in rotation. Eventually I'll be in a position to actually spend shoe money, which would be nice since I can now walk to a running store Croton Running Company

My "walking around" shoes are old retired kicks: Asics Cumulus 18 and Altra Torin 3.5 Knit Gray/Neon.

Brand Model 2020 Miles Total Miles Notes
Altra Timp 6 91 Trail shoes I should use more
Altra Torin 3 #3 18 332 Effectively retired
Altra Torin 3.5 Knit Black/White 110 137 Current rotation
Altra Torin 3.5 Knit Gray/Neon 33 342 Retired to walking shoes
Altra Torin 3.5 Mesh White 90 275 Will retire soon
Altra Torin 3.5 Mesh White #2 34 34 Current rotation
Altra Torin 4 Plush Black/White 15 15 Current rotation
Saucony Peregrine 5 5 115 Trail shoes I should use more


Still have my WetzRun family of projects and Strava for tracking data, along with a laundry list of things to add/change/update that I still need to address.

Future Plans

Run and workout more, eat healthier, lose weight.

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