Eagles and Hawks 2019


As a follow up to my previous post covering sightings from last year, I thought I'd finally put together this year's crop of photos that I was able to take before the eagles largely migrated away and tree leaves hid just about all large birds from sight while at rest.

This winter I tried to have my light point-and-shoot camera with me for just about every run, but especially for any longer runs that took me along known eagle grounds. Most of the shots are from those (so might be duplicated in other posts), but a fair amount are from either walking around the neighborhood or having a quick reaction when seeing a hawk perched in a tree visible from a window.

I've included a few vulture shots as well, since they're impressively sized even if awkward fliers.

While most of the photos are zoomed in as much as possible (24x), I've included wide-angle shots as well for many of them to get a feel for the range. Of course, it's a little misleading as a wide-angle spec might be hard to notice immediately, while in person a looming raptor figure in a tree at 50 yards is readily apparent. Well, if you're paying attention; I'm always amazed at how often people don't notice a hawk or eagle in essentially plain sight.

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