Neighborhood Hawks


All photos were taken in Croton on Hudson, NY; some from my kitchen window, others while wandering about outside nearby. All with my simple point-and-shoot 24x optical zoom camera (which at some point this year I'd like to replace with a proper telephoto lens). For simplicity they're in the order taken.

As you can quickly tell, there's a drastic difference in quality depending on the weather. Recently a juvenile has been rather vociferous from a nearby pine tree, so my favorite shots are more or less the ones where he was there on a nice sunny day.

One interesting interplay was when he was on a distant pine with a robin nearby; I hadn't even seen the small bird until I looked at the photos on my computer.

My favorite series of events was when I got some great shots with the bright sun on my back when he was in the nearby pine tree; he took off, flew through a neighbor's yard and landed on the utility lines. Unfortunately, the sun was now in my line of sight so the shots were completely washed out. Fortunately, a blue jay took issue with his location and pestered him until he flew off (which was a lucky shot, even if it didn't come out great, I'll take it).

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