May Birds


This past weekend I went out for a walk along the Hudson River; debated whether I wanted to bring my camera or not, but glad I did. About half of the birds I easily identified by sight; it's hard to confuse a bald eagle, american robin, mockingbird, or red-winged blackbird when you have a clear visual. The others I had to research after the fact, beyond a broad generalization I wasn't too sure what they were. I've tried to get a decent photo of the swallows for a long time now, so that was fun (even if it's not great resolution). They fly so quickly it's incredibly tough to see markings etc live. And I'm pretty sure this is my first local bald eagle sighting outside of winter; I think some mating pairs have been in the area year round for at least a few years, but their typical tree spots are out facing the water so the odds of me seeing them from a trail are about nil. This one, obviously, was in flight. It was a weekend, so somewhat busy, and no one else on the river walk seemed to notice.

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